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hi there i'm now in varanasi and have been spendingt a few days checking it out and for a big town it's very nice and have a chilled atmosphere about it but there is a lot of crazy things going on here! went for a walk by the river and saw what they do once you are dead wich is either burn the body by the ganga river or wrap it in cloth and tie it to a stone then u rent a boat and paddle out about 20 m and ditch it in the river but i think the main thing is to burn it and the fires are burning from morning till night and there is a lot of fires going on and it takes about 3 hours to burn a body and 350 kg of wood and once the fire is out u just sweep it into the river and for being a holy river it's not very well taken care of it is damn filth and all sorts of stuff floating around and people are swiming and fishing in it but i wouldn't stick my toe in it yuck! did go for a funky boatride on the evening of the full moon and they had some festival here and the amount of people along the river edge was quite unbeliveble and i was very happy to be on a boat and seeing all the candels that they lit along the river side + a lot of candels on small leaf boats in the river very pretty and a lot of fireworks for a few hours so all good! but today we are heading out of here an onwards to someplace else not sure of the name but i know when i get there! getting a bit worried about the end of my trip (6 days WHAT!!) and the upcoming reality check but it will be very nice to get rid of the backpack and come up with a new plan but i'll try not to think to much about it i still have my 6 days so chill out and keep it real!!!

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Anonymous Copenhagen Post said...

Sounds more like the India i imagine. It finally became relatively cold here and i am still looking for a careere. Have been to some tests and interview for a job. Should know by mail today if i am still in the game, but haven't heard anything, so i guess i am out. Annoying good opportunities within the job. Guess i'll go to cham for one last time. After the winter i really have to focus. Rock On and welcome back. Don't forget what i said before in mails.

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