Friday, September 22, 2006

oh no buss ride!

right did leave puri by train on tuesday evening and had a pitstop for a day in a place called something and then onwards to hubli and the trainride was very nice had a sleeper coach so there was no problem there but then from hubli i had to take a buss to take me to panaji wich is the capital of goa and it left hubli at 14 and was supposed to take 6 hours and everything was running rather smothly for the first three hours but then once we got in to the forest hills where they have mines everything turned to shit that is the roads i mean since they have a lot of trucks for the mines and it's the monsoum (not sure how to spell that) the roads have a lot of potholes so it's called the jumpy road but that was okey what was'ent ok was that there was a crazy traffic jam out of this world so we made about 2 km in around 12 hours so that sucked roayaly but at least i was in a happy bus so we where laughing most of the time and i did get to meet some really nice people but it was not a good night sleep but like i said i did finaly get to panaji after 18 hours and i haven't seen much of town yet just had a shower and some lunch yummie and i think my belly is getting a lot better but i won't start shouting just yet! so we'll see hoe long i stay here before i head for the sea again but i would guess for a couple of day at least as it seams like a nice town anyway i'm of for a walk so keep it real and stay happy!!!!

tranquille seb


Anonymous Morzan said...

hej hoppas du mår bättre nu. jag har mailat till dej, men med hänsyn till hur illa det gick förra gången, blir det en liten comments på bloggen. jag är bortrest nästa v 26/9 - 29/9. Kan jag nå dej på telefon eller så?
Kramar o puss från Morzan

4:14 AM  
Anonymous Little G said...

Olah you little Indian you.. hehe. Hope your belly is ok now, am stoked you are meeting up with Stu, send him a big hug for us too. All good here in oz, Am enjoying my little apartment on the sea. Have got school hols for a couple of weeks to paint and chill in the sun.. Sending you love and luck in your travels.. Nemeste..... B.K.

1:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seb vart är du nu nånstans? Min polare är i Indien du måste hooka upp me honom. Ciao,
Plus: Skaffa dig Messenger för f**n!

2:18 AM  

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