Friday, September 22, 2006

oh no buss ride!

right did leave puri by train on tuesday evening and had a pitstop for a day in a place called something and then onwards to hubli and the trainride was very nice had a sleeper coach so there was no problem there but then from hubli i had to take a buss to take me to panaji wich is the capital of goa and it left hubli at 14 and was supposed to take 6 hours and everything was running rather smothly for the first three hours but then once we got in to the forest hills where they have mines everything turned to shit that is the roads i mean since they have a lot of trucks for the mines and it's the monsoum (not sure how to spell that) the roads have a lot of potholes so it's called the jumpy road but that was okey what was'ent ok was that there was a crazy traffic jam out of this world so we made about 2 km in around 12 hours so that sucked roayaly but at least i was in a happy bus so we where laughing most of the time and i did get to meet some really nice people but it was not a good night sleep but like i said i did finaly get to panaji after 18 hours and i haven't seen much of town yet just had a shower and some lunch yummie and i think my belly is getting a lot better but i won't start shouting just yet! so we'll see hoe long i stay here before i head for the sea again but i would guess for a couple of day at least as it seams like a nice town anyway i'm of for a walk so keep it real and stay happy!!!!

tranquille seb

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


okey have been in puri for a week now a little bit longer than i planed but some nasty little belly bug caught me and i was down for a day pretty bad i'm a lot better but still not well it's a pain in the as in more than one way! anyways puri has been a very nice place but i havent done very much tried to go and see some temple here and got very lost and took a rikshaw back to the hotel and basicly i've been staying att the beach and swiming most of the time, i must admit that i'm getting a little tired off travelling so now i'm heading out to goa for a few days and then hooking up with my friend stu in delhi on 5 oct so that will be a good boost for travelling but i think untill then there won't be much movement on my part just this one now for two days untill i get to another beach in goa! and yes this time it's train with bed but i'm a bit worried about the belly but what will be what will be! and with the belly i haven't eaten to much the last few days so getting a bit skinny but hopefully it will be alright once i get to goa!
i find it quite annoying that people here won't take no for an answer when they try to sell u stuff and all you say is no thank you but they keeps following u for about 10 min or longer and are very persistent(quite tireing)!! it will be good when i meet up with stu cause i think for me i need one more to travel in india as it's very different from all the other places i've been! this might sound a bit negative but it's not meant to be i like it i'm just tired with my belly and feeling a bit weak!!anyways u keep it real and stay happy and i'll try to get better!!

tranquille seb

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

digha and onwards

Allright left calcutta a couple of days ago and went to this place called digha and it was quite interesting mix of shack’s and hotels but it was pretty nice and the sea was warm and wavy ! only thing there was no other western’s about so people stare quite open but most smile so that’s nice! Meet this short Indian dude who kinda liked me to be his friend but it was fun we went for a bike ride on a pretty interesting bike ! we went to his house to meet his family and have a look around !! the next day it was my plan to go and stay in a place called chandipur so I took a taxi ( it wasn’t that far) but once there hotels was real expensive and the cheap ones didn’t accept single men a bizarre rule I think but not to worry had a beer and went back to digha and bought a ticket for the night buss to puri and I must say that that buss ride was one off the worst I have done because some of the country’s dirt roads gets flooded so a lot of potholes and packed with people and at times the buss was very wobbly! But got there safely (it was only real bad for 3 hours )but I think that I’ll take the train if I can from now on!! Puri seams like a pretty relaxed place I’m staying in a real nice hotel but not to pricey as it’s offseason perfect not to many people but I haven’t done much today since I feel pretty tired after the ride so had a swim and some food and now relaxing until it’s time to eat again Nice!! So ya’ll have fun and see you sooner than later now!!

Tranquille seb

Saturday, September 09, 2006

India & Calcutta

okey have now been in Calcutta for a few days and it’s a crazy place it’s so many people everywhere and it smells quite a bit not always bad though but always a strong smell and the traffic is completely wild! I thought china used their horns a lot but here its ridiculous it’s never quiet well in the morning around 6 it’s pretty calm but it starts going crazy around 7 again and then it’s full speed ahead until around 23 but I’ve been having lots of fun here meet I French couple that have biked here very interesting not for me though, that I have been hanging out with and going around town but now it’s becoming a bit to much for me so as of tomorrow I’m going to the coast and the sea for a while then I haven’t got much planed, meeting a friend in oct in Delhi and that is about all I now right now! And the food is very good but I take it easy since I don’t really want the delhi belly but I guess that will come at some point anyway but if I can miss it by being a bit carefull about where I eat it would be nice anyway I’m of to head in to the chaos that is the streets of Calcutta so keep it real!!

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Monday, September 04, 2006

three kings

Right like my friend said in the entry before shang hai has been very good to me not at all as I would expect china but indeed a very pleasant surprise the food has been amazingly tasty and the company great ! any way yeasterday we had an amazing day woke up in the morning chillin out and went out and had some breakfast and then onwards to buy all the funny gadgets but after that we went to a spa and that was indeed very nice with body scrub wich was needed and then in to the pool room where u had 4 types of herbal bath bubble baths crazy showers and all sorts of nice things ! then we had a very good foot and leg massage all while we are drinking beers and eating ( I wish I was a roman in the old days ) then it was time for dinner and as always very good and soon after we started eating they had some kind of entertainment dancers,jugglers and the likes very good only problem was that the the speakers was cranked on max so very noisy. Then petter & mattias played some ping pong I tried but I must admit that it’s not really my strong side! And now on Tuesday I will be leaving china and go to my last destination India so that will be very interesting but again I must say that china has been wonderful but it’s time to get on the road again so next time I’ll be India so until then stay happy and keep it real!!!

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guest blogger stång

Three long lost friends re-unite in Shanghai of all places (quite fitting given the city's decadent past). An insanely great three days have raced by.
Shanghai had never before had the great fortune of meeting Zeb and myself and what a great welcoming it was. Eating ridiculously well very inexpensively - Hunan Gorging, Dim Sum Madness, Teppanyaki Orgies and on it goes. Crazy China-style Karaoke, skyscraper excursions and today we will be pampering ourselves at a very exclusive spa.

We also spent almost a whole day at the electronics market and got ourselves equipped with the latest and greatest in counterfeit videocontrollinggames. You have to love a country where they give you a bag of 300 games for free when you buy a machine. While we are sleeping, Zeb is up roaring NYC in the 30's trying to hustle his way into controlling the big apple.

I haven't met Basti in something like 8 years, Petter in 3, so it's just very very cool and interesting to hang out again. Petter and I were almost moved to tears as Basti proclaimed that the days in Shanghai were the peak of his trip.