Monday, August 28, 2006

last day in bkk

okey so now i have come to the end in S.E Asia ! did try a bit more of shopping yeasterday but it did not go that much better got a few more things that i dont need but hey no one is perfect, and today i been fixin things and sent of a colli to swe so my back pack is a bit lighter so thats nice. went for a massage again today and as always very nice then went with a crazy taxi bike wich was fun zooming in and out through the traffic very exciting! and as of tomorrow i'm off to china and shang hai for a week before my last port of call in india!right bugger this computer i'm going for a beer so write to ya'll laters!!

tranquille seb

Saturday, August 26, 2006

again bang kok

right now back in bkk after my very relaxed stay in koh chang i did'nt end up renting a scooter as i realized that this was the last time by the sea for a while so i thought the better of it and relaxed more in the sea than on the beach, i did find a small trail though into the jungel but it did not go very far after about 10 min u came to some rubber trees so it wasen't very exiting but a nice walk and i did get to see some monkeys! but all good things must come to an end so the next good thing can come along wich will be on tue when i fly to china if all goes well and up untill then i thought i was going to try some shopping but i find it very hard work to much choise and to big where i went today,some weekend market but i did find some nice stuff and there is still 2 days left but i'm not sure how much shopping i can be bothered with and there is still a few things i would like to see here in bkk anyway we'll see what's gonna happen so untill then keep it real!!

tranquille seb

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

koh chang

right i've been spending the last few days in a very nice spot on koh chang! it's very quiet and chilled there no real beach where i stay but it's only a 10 min walk through some bungalo village ! so i been spending most of my time in the water and chilling out! food is alright but i think vietnam was best for food!i'll stay here for a few more days and then head back to bangkok on fri to get ready for china and india!any way i think i have to rent a scooter tomorrow and go exploring a little bit otherwise there won't be much to write about will it so for now i just head back to the beach and hopefully there will be more to write next time!!

tranquille seb

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

back in bkk

right so i'm back in bangkok and the noise is a bit to much here i only been here for an hour or two and already wanna get away but luckily i don't have to wait long only untill tomorrow and then i head out to some island i will see wich one tomorrow!i had to take the buss instead of the boat back to thai as the boat would have taken to long and i would have been late for my visa's but never mind! i think that in asia so far lao's is one of the best it's so relaxed and friendly so if you are going to asia go to lao!! anyway there is not to much to write about since i haven't done much the last day but sitting on a buss so i tell u more when something happens keep it real and keep a smile on your face!!

tranquille seb

Saturday, August 12, 2006

luang prabang

Alright now I’m in luang prabang and it’s a well relaxed town along the river except from where I’m living where they start working next door rebuilding some house so no late mornings! No worries though ! rented a bike and cruised around town looking at people and some temples ! but noting to strenuous as it is quite hot here ! had a nice 2 hour massage for 5 $ sweet ! but before I got here I was in vang vieng and that was a very relaxed town didn’t stay for long just one day and again I rented a bike and went for a cruise in the countryside but now very far from town I came to some caves and had a look around. I didn’t have a torch but of course there is a small booth who sells tickets and rents out torches very convenient ! the caves themselves might not have been spectacular but nice enough but the view from the entrance was very nice!Anyway now I have to make up my mind if I wanna take the boat to Thailand or the buss the boat would be nice but it costs a bit more and will take one day longer and I have to get back in time to sort my visas for china and India. We’ll see tomorrow but now I’m starting to get hungry and going to have a look around the market now as it’s cooled so stay happy!!

Tranquille seb

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Right have been in vietienne for a few days now and I must say that I like it a lot here it’s well chilled out and the people are very nice! First day I got in very late so not much happening then and on the Sunday everything was closed so I went with some friends to a hotel pool and took it very easy and playing backgammon ! then on mon I had a very nice day again rented a bike and went on a bit of a tour around town looking at temples and stuff and in the last temple they had herb steam room and massage for an hour for about 4 $ so no complaints there! For food it’s not to bad either but I must admit that I haven’t eaten much lao food as they have to many bakery’s here and it’s quite nice to have a good sandwich but for dinner they have a lot of bbq stands along the river and the shrimps are big and tasty! And the last 2 days I just been lazy but it’s all good! I still have a week or so in lao and I heard about this boat trip that takes 2 days from some town up north to Thailand and it does sound nice so as off tomorrow I’m leaving vietienne heading north. So I hope that all of u are having as good time as I am so until next time keep it real!!

Tranquille seb

Thursday, August 03, 2006


hello! right i did get to lao and yes it's not to stressfull around here left hue on a bus 6:30 in the morning and got to the border around 10 and no problem there and once on the lao side the buss driver was not at all in a hurry so i waited and waited and after about 2 1/2 hours he decided that the time was right to go and we got to savannakhet around 19. i must admit that there is not a hell of a lot to do around here so i don't think i'll be here for to long as a matter of fact i'm off tomorrow if i can get my ticket but that should be no prob! heading for the capital of lao vietienne to have a look around and i heard it's a good town so i'm looking foward to it! right i'm off to get my ticket so chill out and take it easy!!!

tranquille seb

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

hoi an & hue

tjena i have been having some problems getting on to my blogg and writing whats been happening but luckily it's been pretty calm for me! after mui ne i went to na trang but i did'nt stay there just one night and then i went to hoi an and that was a nice little town but very quiet so i was very content to spend a few days there i did had a coat made up for me but i must admit that it's not the finest one but hey no problem some times up and sometimes down but always around! rented a bike for a few days and went out to the country side and a place they called marble mountains but i do not know why they call it mountains as they are hills but it was very nice with lots of caves with big buddha statues carved into the caves and they did have a very nice beach aswell!but now i'm in hue and it is to a very nice town a bit bigger then hoi an but it's cool and again rented a bike to head out and see some tombs wich was very peacefull and chilled out and as allways the food is killer but i'm coming to an end here in vietnam and are heading out to lao tomorrow and i think that i will like it alot i read somewhere that in vietnam they plant the rice and the cambodians watch it grow and in lao they listen to it grow !and they feel sorry for people that think to much so it will be interesting to see if i get anywhere at all once i'm across the border!! i will know tomorrow i guess so untill then stay happy!!!

tranquille seb