Sunday, July 23, 2006

still mui ne!

hmm seams like i got stuck here for a few more days i said i was going to leave but later on that day (last entry)the waves picked up and i rented a surf board and alas i had so much fun i got stuck in the nori soup with my board and been having a great time but have to start moving now so i bought my ticket for tomorrow monday to na trang but will not really have time to spend there but it's ok as i hear it's more of a party town and i heard of another surf town further up north so gotta keep moving and if i want to see laos i have to get in there with in a week and a half so i guess i wont see north of vietnam this time but no worries as i'm still happy but i will have to do a another food course so any ways u stay smiling and i see u when i see u!!!

tranquille seb

Thursday, July 20, 2006

mui ne

hello at last i'm back at the beach but unfortunatly not forto long as i realize that my time in vietnam is not to long and it's a long country so i probably leave tomorrow but to where i haven't made up my mind yet either i keepalong the coast or head inland for a town called da lat we'll see in a few hours. anyway today i woke upp and went for a swim very nice but there is a lot of seaweed in the sea so it feels like swiming in a nori soup but it's still nice! after that i went to some red canyon and had a walk around and i found a lot of watermelons so of course i had to take one and it was yummie it's fun to pick your own fruit especially if it's the first time u see it the wild! after that i went to some sanddunes and some kids came and wanted to go sledging it's not like snow and obviosly a lot more sand anyway time is now around 13 and i'm going for a swim so keep it real and have fun!!!

tranquille seb

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

scooter tour

Alright I have been on a 3 day tour on scooter wich has been very nice and quite interesting I hooked up with this driver in Saigon on Sunday and went to some VC tunnels and bloody hell they are small I mean the dude in front of me is a tiny asian guy and once we got out he said that they had to make the tunnels 1/3 bigger to accommodate big westerns but I think that if ur big u aint going in they also had a shooting range but I didn’t bother with that then head out on the higeway and I must say that Vietnam has the worst traffic I have seen so far WATCH OUT!! Then we got to this small town and checked in to the hotel and I had the best dinner I have had so far in asia it was super elephant ear fish very tasty and when I was going to start to eat this girl came and took my fish and made fresh spring rolls with fish and pineapple and green stuff yummie and whenever she found a big nice piece of fish she feed it to me with chopsticks very interesting but quite pleasant none the less but I felt like I was 5 years old being feed!! The next day I went on a boat tour in the delta wich was nice since it was only me and my driver , went to a coconut candy factory yumm and a honey farm hmm funny thing that most things include eating and a few more bits and pieces. On the 3 day that is today or was depending when u are reading this we started heading back to Saigon with a few stops on the way and one was a snake farm but it was quite depressing to see all the snakes and other animals in their shitty cages so I left pretty much straight away and now I’m back in the big town but only for 1 day I hope as I want to get to the beach and swim in the ocean so have a lot of fun and stay happy till next time!!!!!

Tranquille seb

Thursday, July 13, 2006


hi y'all i have now left cambodia for vietnam and entered the country not by buss but by boat and it was a very nice way to get in stayed for 2 days in a place called cha duc or something it was pretty sleepy town but i liked it went up a what they call it mountain but i'll say it's a hill but the view was nice if u did'nt pay attention to all the dark clouds! meet a really nice cycklo driver who took me to some bar where we drank banana vine and it's quite potent drink not the best flavour but it does not matter after that we just hung out in a park with his family and friends very nice indeed they invited me for dinner in their house the day after but unfortunatly i already bought my ticket to saigon where i'm right now and again it's a big town and i get instatly confused but hey i just got here find a room for rent down a narrow alleyway so that shall be interesting once it gets dark but it was the cheapest i could find 5$ and i'm sure it will be no problem but i dont think i'll stay here for to long maybe 2-3 days then i think the coast sounds good we'll see right anyway i think it's time for a beer or food and then have a look around so untill next time keep it real and stay happy!!!

tranquille seb

Monday, July 10, 2006

phnom penh

Alright ! I have been in Phnom penh for a few days now and it’s been pretty nice, the weather have been nice sunny and hot but no rain although I would not mind a short shower as it very hot ! staying in a guest house with some people I meet up in seam reap. Went to see the killing fields and a old security prison and it was not to nice makes u think a little bit and leaves u a little bit shocked! seeing a shrine that is full of skulls and to hear the story behind, so like I said not to nice but good to see! there is also a lot of nice things to see and like always the food is good ! I did find this café that has really good sandwiches and excellent coffe good stuff it’s just nice to have good bread again! I think I’m heading out of here tomorrow the 11/7 will try to take a boat to the border(Vietnam) and then I really don’t have a clue so we’ll see what will happen ! but I guess as long as the food is good I’ll be happy and hoping the same for you! So keep it real !!!

Tranquille seb

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Tjena everyone I been had a superb day yesterday I went for a cocking course learning to cock food khmer style and it was great fun and the food was yummie! First we went to the market and bought all sorts of good stuff and once we got back we started of by making some curry paste then we made a curry called amok with fish and a stirfry and two soup’s with chicken and since no one but me wanted to butcher the chicken it was all mine chop chop with big chopping knife!! so my friends when I get back we will eat some good food and then eat some more!! And my massage the other day was very nice and it was the first time I been massaged by a blind person but she was very good !! keep it real and se ya later! Off to Phnom pen on fri so we’ll see how that is!!

Tranquille seb

Monday, July 03, 2006

battam bang

hi! it seams like i missed phnom phen and got of at a town called battam bang in stead it is supposed to be the 2'd biggest city in cambodia but really it is'nt that big so i'm happy been seeing some more tempels and must admit i'm getting a bit tempeled out so no more for a while i think,i also went to a monestery that sit's on a killing field and it's pretty strange that such a beutiful place can have such a horrid history it's crazy what people can do to each other !! i have a few more days to spend before i have to head towards vietnam so i think i will take a cocking course here in battam bang, have to learn how to make these soups they have here as they are yummie and i also are quite pleased that they do know how to make bread here no more toast but nice baguette's it makes me realize that i missed bread a lot, i will probably head towards phnom pen within the next few days as i would like to see it altough it's a big town but right now i will go for a massage without a happy ending! one have to watch out around here and make clear that u don't want a bom bom massage !! have fun and stay happy!!

tranquille seb