Thursday, June 29, 2006


hi again! i'm in cambodia now and and when i got here to the border it started pissing down with rain and i mean it was a lot of rain so the buss ride from the border to siam reap wich should take 4 hours took about 8 and the buss was interesting to say the least (not the most modern)!! but once in seam reap i got to a nice guest house clean & cheap and thats all u need! the next day i got myself a driver and a scooter who took me to to the tempel's of angkor wat for the last 3 days and wow they are something else these tempel's so much carving's in the rock and just getting the rock there in the first place must have been quite a feat. i'm also happy i came here in the low season because there is still a lot of people around but hey i guess thats life ! anyway if u ever are in asia i think u should definetly come by here and the people around here are so nice and ready to smile well maybe not all but most of them ! and most important the khmer FOOD i had here are the best i had on this trip so far or at least the bowl of soup & fresh springrolls i had yeasterday it was yummie yum so i really hope that that will keep up but i hear good things about vietnam aswell so we'll see when we get there !! i think i'm heading out tomorrow towards phnom phen for a couple of days and then who knows so all of you are having a good time i hope and see ya when i'm looking at ya so untill then keep it real!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

getting outta here

right as of tomorrow i'm very happy to say i'm leave bangkok, had to spend a few more days here again then i counted on i guess i should try to find out things a bit more before i leave so i dont get more suprise's but no stress i have been doing quite a bit of city watching and i realize again that cham has turned me into a small town boy cause i do not have a one sense of direction at all like yeasterday i was gonna go for a long walk to this park and after about two hours i got back to where i started and got quite suprised about that, so after a slight change of course and 3 hours more i got to the skytrain and went down town and it's just to big and to many levels with to many people everywhere and it's all there to make me confused and to much impressions so it just ends up being sensory overload! but like i said no stress, tomorrow i'm off to cambodia and ankor wat so i'm really looking foward to that! i also got a new destination for the end of august before india i'm of to china for a quick stop in shanghai so that should be cool! right i'm to tired to write right now so i'm hoping that u all are having a nice time in europe so keep it real untill next time!!!

tranquille seb

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

djungel walk

hello again! today is hotter than hell here in pai and i can't do very much just walking is to much work but luckily yeasterday i went for a long hike in the djungle with a dude i meet at the hostel and it was super nice three hours in to the djungle following this river to a waterfall that wasen't the greatest but the walk to it was amazing so quiet and no people. i dont think u could get lost but it felt like it and since we had no guide it had an exciting vibe to it! tomorrow it's time to head back to bangkok to pick up my visas and sunday of to cambodia if everyting comes along my way but now i think i have to go and die in a heat stroke or maybe do a rain dance.oh! that was nice on the walk yeasterday, on the way back we got a massive rainfall to cool us down so let's hope for one now to!!
keep it real folk's and se ya when i'm looking at ya!

tranquille seb

Monday, June 19, 2006


hi all! i kinda messed up with my visas i thought it would take about 7 days to get them all but boy was i wrong! it would take like 17 days to get them all so i started vith cambodia,vietnam and laos and that will take 7 days so i ran away from bangkok up north away from the noice and i came to place called pai and it's really well relaxed and lots of nature around and the best thing is they have a cheap bike cyckel rental so i'm back on the sadel and peddeling hard and loving it went to a nice waterfall but unfortunatly it wasen't to much water in it but nice none the less but getting there is half the fun or maybe even more ! i found a nice place to stay a small colony of huts so it's all good and not to expensive and it's a bit cooler than bangkok and that's real nice but still pretty hot'n'humid.right so my plan now is chill here with the bike and in 7-8 days head down to bangkok again to collect my passport and visas and then head out to previous mentioned contries and then back to bangkok get visas for china and india and that will take 10 days so i think i'm gonna go to another island and chill some more but then again u never know what will happen!! right i hope ya'll have a good times and keep it real till next time!!

tranquille seb

Monday, June 12, 2006

full moon party

hi again ! right here the sun is up and it's hot and today is my last day in pha ngan! it's been really nice here like a holliday on my travels 5 days of chilling out at the beach and good food but i think it's time to get goinig again so tomorrow it's back to bangkok and i'm not really looking foward to the big town but i guess thats a good thing as then i might make my mind up a bit faster where to go, but i still going to be stuck there for a few days to wait for my visas to come back anyway we'll see tomorrow. the full moon party was a bit of a anticlimax to much people and it was filthy and not to nice not to mention the music it ....... sucked big time i cannot understand people liking that shit (electronic crap) or maybe it's the my age showing but i don't think so but it ain't rock it better be rolling down the hill and that's that! but it was funny to watch people getting more and more intoxicated and making fools of themself's but the best bit was coming back to the beach where i'm staying at 4 in the morning so so tranquille and quiet with the moon reflecting on the water very nice indeed! right i will leave you with that and tell u more when i know myself alright!!!

tranquille seb

Thursday, June 08, 2006

koh pha ngan

hi ya'll ! right now i'm in pha ngan and it's a really soft relaxed place i did find my friends from byron again and as they where heading this way i thought why not and i'm pretty happy i did ! staying at a super relaxed little beach and u don't have to move at all as the resturant is dirt cheap and the food is great and the bungalo is also dirt cheap! but i think we are only staying untill sunday when one of the guys is having his birthday and at the same time it's the full moon and there is some moonparty on some other beach so i might have to give it a go but untill then i won't move far from the beach i'm on ! the days are a little to hot and the water dosen't really cool u down but i should stop nagging because i'm really enjoying myself getting up early in the morning for some yoga then swim for a while and eat, swim, eat, swim and a lot of backgammon so it's perfect ! not sure what's gonna be next as i figured that i would like to go to china and see my friend so i have a few things to ponder on. is't life so full of hard disicions ha ha! i haven't found i place where i can logg on with my laptop so photos gonna have to wait untill i get back to bang kok and after this i'm not really looking foward to that but it's a necessery evil as it would be eisier to get all my visas sorted out from there i think! thats the plan anyway but lyckily plans can change, any way writing on a computer is not to funny when ur hungry so next time i'll write we'll see how the party was so see ya later and keep it real!!!

tranquille seb

Saturday, June 03, 2006


hello and hows things ! i been in bangkok for one day and 2 nights and it's been good. got to the airport around 24:00 on fri night and just camped out there and untill 6 in the morning when the busses started going . on the buss i a meet some swiss dude so we hooked up and went looking for hotels and quite a few of them where grimy but i found one, the whole hotel looks like a bathroom with tiles everywhere but it's clean and not to pricey around 5 Euro so no stress !!as i was taking a small walk i meet some friends from byron bay wich is pretty cool they are heading towards the beach in a couple off days so i'll see if i will join them or head to cambodia we'll see!anyway we got on some tuk tuk's and did a bit of sightsing a few temples but the drivers keept taking us to different shops, they get commision for bringig tourists but i'm not complaining as 4 hours of tuk tuk costed us 10 b each = 0.5 Euro and we did get some nice temples. as we split up we said to meet up later on but unfortunatly i fell asleep as i had'nt sleept much during the night in the airport and completly missed them OTUR!( i'm hoping i'll see them today) anyway once i woke up i went out to eat dinner and just cruise around and do people watching it's just to much fun looking at all the crazies and street sellers but i was still to tired so bed ways was right ways and had a good nights sleep a little bit warm and humid but no complaints right now it's 7:40 and i'm going to get some breakfast so ya'll have a good time and so will i!!

tranquille seb

Thursday, June 01, 2006

see ya later aus!

alright time has come to say se ya laters australia as today is the day to head out towards thailand, and my flight leaves in about 5 hours so i'm just finishing packing my backpack . i been having a few really chilled out days in sydney and hanging around and sorting stuff out, had a boost shot of something and i find it crazy the prices we pay for vaccine but then again it might be better to be safe than sorry but it still bugs me!! the last two days i have been hanging out on a beach north of sydney in a campervan to surf but the water was cold and the waves a bit big so i tried for a while and then gave up, no worries! as the area around the beach was nice for a few small walk's and the sun was out so a lot of backgammon and a bit of food so like i said no worries! and i can't really say much about australia in whole as i haven't seen that much but i can say that byron bay and manly beach is two really cruisie places and that i woulden't mind heading back at some point in particular byron bay as i had a great time there but manly also had a real good vibe to it ! right gotta keep on trucking so next time will be from thailand yiehaa!!

tranquille seb!!