Friday, April 21, 2006

hard life

yupp it's a hard life beach,sun;water'n'waves and a bit of food!!! how's yours????

tranquille seb

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


alright now i have been 2 days in sydney and i must say that i instantly like it here although there is a lot of spiders the amount of beaches kinda makes it alright, so what have i been doing for 2 days ? i have been hanging out on the beach and enjoying the water and the sun yeasterday i went snorkeling and as saw big schools of fish and today i did try to get on a surfboard and boy was that hard work paddeling, i got so tired that i did not have any strenght to paddel to get on a wave but even if i did i'm not sure i would have any way of getting up so tomorrow more practice and more paddeling ! but luckily for me we had a bodyboard as well and that was a lot easier to enjoy the wave with so that will have to come tomorrow aswell. i'm really lucky as my friends i'm staying with have all the stuff and lets me borrow it so i'm in very good hands and being spoiled again I LOVE IT!!

tranquille seb

Friday, April 14, 2006

great day in NZ

hello what a good day i had yeasterday in whaiheke wich is a bigger island not to far from auckland. i woke up at some friends house and we went fishing and i did catch a nice fish i don't remember the name but it was a good fish but the best bit with the fisingtrip was that by the end a big school of dolphins come around and playing under the boat and jumping straight out of the water FANTASTIC best thing i've seen and they stayed for around 30 min then after that i went and cooked some breakfast, fresh snapper mmmm.then i went to another friend and hanged around for a while untill my ferry came to get me back to auckland .once back it was decided that going to a rugby game would be a good ide and it was, i was quite suprised as the field looked a lot smaller than on tv but i enjoyed it and when it finished we went and crusied around auckland and went to the casino "wierd". it doesent sound so exciting as i'm suffering from a hungover today but it was a great day but now my time in NZ is almost over as i'm going to australia today in a few hours and i must say that i have been loving it here in NZ, i have been so taken care of it has been superb and seeing so much good things and meeting a lot of good people so i think that i will have to come back and with that i'm going to pack my bags so next time it will be from australia!!

tranquille seb

Saturday, April 08, 2006

up north

hi ya'll now i have been to the almost most northern point.once i got back from taupo i cruised around auckland and sorted out my flight to aus so now i leave 2 weeks earlier (autom is comming) also meet up with some other friends i meet in cham and again more wine and beers this trip is definetly getting me back on the booze for a while but its all good!! then it was off to the north and seeing how things are up there and what a suprise it was nice there to!! like i said i did'nt get to the most northern tip cause it was a bit hard getting to so the second best would just have to make due and it was nice but a lot of busses with many people but hey it's cool after that we went to some giant sand dunes and that was a lot of fun but as we did'nt have anything to ride down the dunes we took the spare wheel cover unfortunatly it did'nt go very fast at all but we where in luck as this one girl came with her snow sledge that we could borrow and that worked a lot better but i must say it does NOT beat snow as u get sand everywhere and there is no lift to take u up and walking up steep sand dunes is hard work!! now i'm back in auckland for a week and hopefully i go fishing a bit more as i want to get a big snapper to cook up for dinner and there are some islands i wanna have a look at to so untill next time!!

tranquille seb

Saturday, April 01, 2006

see ya taupo

Alright taupo is coming to an end leaving for Auckland today and have a few more things to see up north before I get on another airplane for aus. Yeasterday I had a wicked bikeride and the sun was out big times so I had to take a swim in the lake and it was very refreshing and in the evening there was two games of rugby and I think I started to enjoy it , it beats soccer anytime .today the weather is so so but it’s ok since I’ll have to pack my backpack so I should get going and that means have fun for now until next one !!!

Tranquille seb