Wednesday, March 29, 2006


hi my friends i have now been in taupo for almost a week and have been loving it thanks to the people i have been staying with they have feed me with wine and cheese and good food and they also had i good kitchen so more muffins and cakes yumm the weather havent been great the first couple of days but it did not matter as i been having full days been up this mountain but maybe i wouldent go so far to call it a mountain as it was more of a big hill but nice never the less, it was good view but unfortunatly my knees went funny again but we went to this hot creek afterwards to chill out and that did help,i have also been for a nice bike trip with a real nice track but nothing can really compare for today as i woke up the sun was shining and my friends dad took me fishing it didint start of to well as i was all over the place but he was very patient and after a while i got it so around we went to these different fishing spots and wouldent u belive it but seb the fisherman caught a 2 1/2 kilo beautifull specimen of trout in this nice pool so that was my first real fish caught on a flyrod in the wild so guess what's for dinner yes u know it, so you all have a wicked time as i'm of to the kitchen yummie!!!!!!!

tranquille seb the fisherman

Friday, March 24, 2006

rainy welligton

right my time in welligton has come to an end and i been having a good time here no thanks to the weather though wich has been raining the whole time, they say it dosen't usally keep on raining for that long so i can only say OTUR but thanks to some friends from cham that i been staying with i been having a really nice time going to museums (one with a shaky house as in a earthquake fun!) and good walks and a bit of a tour around town and a nice town it is i have also been back to yoga class twice wich was really nice, first time in a year it's hard to keep practise up when staying in hostels and dorm's as u have no privacy and another thing, again i have a nice kitchen to cook in and a new good recept for muffins has come up yum yum anyway i'm heading for taupo so keep it real and keep it up in cold europe or wherever u are!

tranquille seb

Friday, March 17, 2006


tjena i've been hanging out in christchurch for a few days not to much happining there but it was nice doing citywalks and stuff but i left this morning and got to this small town called kaikoura wich is really nice unfortunatly i'm leaving tomorrow already a misstake on my side booking ferry ticket beforehand but hey what do we say OTUR ! but i had a nice day here went for a long walk when the tide was down around the coastline and there was a lot of seals around if u didn't watch out u could walk right into them but luckily for me i watched out or maybe the seals where the lucky ones after that i had a nice cold one in the sun it's nice but the weather getting varmer the further north i get and i hear they have around 39 in aus maybe thats to hot but i think i can coupe by staying in the water anyway tomorrow i'm heading up to welligton for a few days then taupo for fishing i hope but i will let u know right now i'm hungry and there is free soup in the kitchen and it smells really good so hasta la vista bayby!!

tranquille seb

Sunday, March 12, 2006


allright i'm now in a town called dunedin and its been fun getting here we have been driving all along the south coast and being very touristic stoping at alot of shights and seeing sealions,seals and penguines and a lot of very nice nature so it's been very good traveling with a car for the last week but today D&J left to head back to auckland so i'm left to fend for myself again that means back to busses as i won't drive on the wrongside of the road it would be a disaster i think and talking of disaters i did have a very bad sunday since i seemed to have fallen into a bottle of beer on sat and i was a very long time since i did feel that bad i seriously thought i was breaking down i didn't leave bed untill 15 and took a short walk and then back to bed not very good but that is how things go sometimes anyway have a supertime untill next time!!

tranquille seb

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


hi ya all hows trix here things are fine i went kayaking for the first time yeasterday in a place called milford sounds and it was fantastic. we had to get up at 5 in morning and drive to this place cause the hostel nearby was full so i was a bit tired and it was raining and cold but once there we had a cup of coffe and meet up with our guide for the day and signed some papers and got some instructions then of to the kayaks it was still raining once we got out on them but it was fun and so very beutiful scenery lots of waterfalls and steep cliffs and mountains it was like when u watch lord of the rings and u "go wow so nice" only a lot better since it's real!!! saw a few peguines and seals no dolphines tough maybe next time. i think i will have to start kayaking it's a good way to see things and so much fun!right now i'm on the south coast and heading slowly to christchurch to drop of dave and jo and then keep going solo up along the coast and wellington and onwards i might try to head out to thailand a little bit earlier than planed cause yeasterday we got some snow hmmm i know it will be warmer on the north island but we'll see no stress here anyway i hope ur not freezing to much over there as i read u got a bit of snow and as for now chill out!!!

tranquille seb

Sunday, March 05, 2006

queens town

right i'm in queens town now ! dave & jo had a bit more vacation and wanted to se queens town and more of south so instead of taking the bus we flew down and have been here for one and a half day its a nice town but yeasterday me and dave took a long hike starting in town and hiked up this mountain 1780 m and it was real nice but unfortunatly i killed my knees so right now i'm having slight problems walking and getting out of bed but ce la vie today we'r thinking about going on the power jet boats looks like fun and then head out to another town with a rental car and travel around so thats cool and i will see if i have to come back to queens town for a bit longer next week when d & j gone home ! the only problem around here is that everything is so expensive ! i think i might been a bit spoiled after ecuador but u cant really compare the two but its more like cham wich if ur not working aint cheap! but again ce la vie right now my coffe is finished and breakfast eaten so i think power boats are calling we will se when i find some wifi, hopefully soon but untill then be happy!

tranquille seb