Tuesday, January 31, 2006


right folks now im in chile and in valparaiso it was a long way getting here and not to much sleep started from quito at 13 and arraived at santiago at 2 but i couldent sleep so i sat and waited for the buss untill 6 and got here at 9 and its a nice place but i tought it was gonna be a small town but its not really that small and not the cleanest either but nice enough anyway .the hostel im in is really nice a bit scruffy but i like it and there some really nice people around went and had some lunch in a hare krisna place nice with a lot of veggies. after that of to the beach nice with a swim but the waves and the undercurrent is preety strong and i only had my boxers to swim in and with the first wave i almost lost them wich was quite funny i had to hold on whit both hands so today i will bring proper swimtrunks i think. weather is not super sunny, its a bit overcast but its warm enough and the water is not the varmest but its cool .and as usally there is no wifi so photos will have to wait again i think ill head up to santiago on thursday and on sat its of to NZ and i cant wait for that but that will be later so right now i think i will enjoy today. have fun in the cold or what ever the weather is like where u are alright have fun!!!
tranquille seb

Saturday, January 28, 2006

last days

alright now it's only one more day before chile and i think i'll miss ecuador i've been having a real good time here nice people and nice views it's quite nice to get up to quito after the beach and jungle the air is a bit cooler ! i'll think my favorit places have been montanita and vilcabamba two towns that really suits me fine with no stress and nice nature . i'm looking foward to get to chile though but i will not be there for long only 1 week then it's NZ and that i'm really looking foward to ! right there aint much to say since i got back to quito yeasterday i've havent been doing much so there is not much to say so y'all have a nice time and next time i'll write will be from chile somewhere !!!!!
tranquille seb

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


hello again i´m sad to say that i´m running out of time in ecuador got 5 more days and i just got to otavalo i was pretty sad in leaving montanita it was a really nice town and the pacific was sweet lots of nice chilled people but all good things must come to an end on my way up to otavalo i got stuck in a town called puerto lopez since the bussdrivers wanted more money so they went on strike but it was cool got to relax yet another day in the hammock because not much going on in lopes but hammocks are not a bad thing (just bought a nice one) then a nightbus to quito and onwards to otavalo i just got in this morning but it feels like a nice place the people here a very beutiful (i can´t spell any longer i think ?)dressed and friendly smiles, i´ll stay here untill fri then it´s back to quito and sun off to santiago chile so on fri i´ll be loading up alot of photos time is now 15 and i´m so tired after the busride not to much sleep so i think a siesta is in order !!!
tranquille seb

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


right finally at the beach again and it´s sweet nice sun altough not today, big waves+varm water to play in but it´s lots of tourists like myself feels abit like cham in wintertime but hey it´s nice, lots of bars if ur in to that thing me i´m usally to tired around 23 to stay awake. i rather go up at 6 when everybody else is asleep and head to the beach, do some yoga in front of the pacific (nice!) then jump in the water and play & chill! around 10-11 people seams to come back to life and head down to the beach! and then there is alot of things to look at both for guys and girls!! it´s a bit more expensive around here but still not bad at least i found a ok hotell 4 $ a night and a dodgy kitchen but i can cook my own food wich saves alot of monies.the sunset´s here is really something i mean it´s nice everywhere but here it´s really nice! i only been here for 1 1/2 days so i have´nt tried surfing yet i´ll see if i rent a bodyboard or something tomorrow or maybe today if it stops raining but i still got 5 days to go so no stress !right i still have´nt found some where for my laptop so u just have to wait for photos untill next week when i head back to quito and for u that was hopeing (mainly me) for galapagos it will not be, 1000 $ is just to steep for me ! anyway hope u have fun in the cold while i go for a swim in the PACIFIC!!!!!!
tranquille seb

Friday, January 13, 2006


allright been in this small town called vilcabamba for a couple of days and what can i say it´s fantastic it´s so chilled out and the views are killer ! i did go for a long hike yeasterday it was supercool really exposed walking on a really thin path with big drops on both sides did get me a bit dizzy and i got a bit of vertigo u will see when i find somewere whwere i can post photos. the walk was´ent to long it took about 2 1/2 hours and i dont know how high but i think it´s like brevent, after that we (i meet a dutch dude for the walk) thought it was a good ide to go looking for a waterfall and that took us a long time and we did´nt really find it but it did not matter cause we found this other spot wich was amazing we had to walk through corn fields and a bit of bush but once we found it was sweet a small opening and i mean small where the river was fast so when we went in u had to fight the current, and it was COLD a bit like lac blanc in the springtime but very refreshing ! all in all we was walking for almost 6-7 hours so today i´m feeling a bit stiff and tired so it´s a good thing i don´t have to do very much except to chill out and eat ! the hotel i´m staying in is a bargin i pay 4 dollars and breakfast is included (fruitsalads with yougurt and bread + coffe sweet!). i´ll probably head of towards the beach on sun and get there on mon we will see but if u ever go to equador, one HAVE to come to this place it´s one of the nicest places i´ve been so thats that!!

ps:i love reading the comments and mr egg and bacon can u send me a mail since i´ve lost your adress

Monday, January 09, 2006


hello everybody! right now i´m in cuenca the trip here was nice i took a train from riobamba wich was really nice sitting on the roof on a shakey train in the sun it was´nt as exciting as i had thought but the scenery was exellent but i had hoped for bigger drops on the sides of the train but then again they where pretty deep anyway u wouldent wanna fall off ! on the train i meet a eng dude that was on his way to cuenca aswell so we hooked up and went togheter it was a long way started 6 in the morning and the train was finished at 2 then a buss for another 4 hours so it was sitting down for 12 hours, not something i wanna do in the near future ! anyway once we got to the hotel we droped of our bags and went to look for food since it was sun most resturants was closed so we went to some fastfood place who served roast chicken and that cant really go wrong! during our dinner the people on the next table (a mother and her son)started talking to us wich again was fun but hard to understand! they ask if we wanted to take a walk with them and they seemed nice enough so why not,so during this tour we meet some friends of hers one who was a musician and some other crazy people and they where all very very drunk and wanted more so we tried to find a bar but most where closed so we bought some beer and went to a park and had a talk! while the musician was singing alog and he had an amazing voice, silvia (the mother) was telling us that our company was mainly people who where living on the street and how life was for them! they where very nice friendly people but after a while some other guys came along and then silvia thought it was a good time to go as they where bad people thiefs and robbers are not the kind for a gringo to hang out with so on we went on our way home she ask us where we are staying and once we told her she said that maybe that is not the best area in town and that is coming from someone from the street so she recomended that we walk fast and so we did! but no problem i woke up this morning with all parts where they should be.today i will do the tourist thing going to museums and things like that cause tomorrow i´m going with mark to one really chilled out town almost on the border to peru to hang out for a couple of days then i really have to get going to the cost and montanita as they are having a big party on the 19 and i also have to go to a market town north of quito before i leave and although its a small contry it still takes time to get around and time goes fast and like i said no more 12 hours on a buss!! so now i really have to get going !
tranquille with a bit of haste seb

Thursday, January 05, 2006


alright now i´m in riobamba and the ride here was again really nice scenery from the bus.the town in it´s self is not the best or maybe i´m just having a anticlimax after the jungel but i´m feeling a bit bored and lonley today! i will se if i get the train out tomorrow or on sun it depends on connections after the train and weather!the first hotel i got in to was interesting to say the least quite scruffy and noisy but now i have changed so it should be cool! i do belive it is soon time to head for the coast and the beach but there are a few towns to go before i hope all is well with everyone and it´s now time for me to do my favorit thing EATING!!!
tranquille seb

Monday, January 02, 2006

crazy new year

i hope u all had a good new year me i had a great time in amazonas the first two nights we spent in a hut quite deep in the djungel and it was real nice no electicity and no running water we did lots of hikes and had a look on some medicinal plants and trees we also went to a cave and had a look on turantulas and they where a bit freakish in the cave dont really look like spiders but they where BIG! the bugs around here a funky things crazy colors and shapes and heaps of them the night time is when they are active and they make a lot of noice and lights the weater the first days was very hot and humid and the nights thunder exellent! the only problem the first days was food not as much as i need for all those hikes but that was because we had to carry everything with us but it was cool anyway.after that we change place to a super nice hut still no electicity but a little closer to the river so food was superb they make killer food in the here lots of fruit and good stuff but chiken and yuca ( is a bit like potatos but a lot dryer and denser )and rice seams to be the base most time on this new place we where quite close to a indian community so we had a look how they live and what kind of crops they have lots of bananas,cacco,coffe,yuka and lots of different fruits wich was all delicios.we also had a look on their hadycrafts mainly neckleces of grains and some cord very simpel but nice.then we went to a animal rescue center and replantation lots of monkeys running around freely and birds in lots of colors also very nice but i think the best memory will be new year wich we celebrated with the indians it was me and the two canadiens that i meet and the rest was indians it was fuuny as hell i didnt understand a lot of the conversation but that didint stop them from talking. what they do is u buy a bottle of boze(wine,tequilla with cinnamon or chicca a crazy potent brew of yuka and something else) and 1 plastic mug and u walk around giving everyone a shot and they do the same so u end up really hammered and at midnight they burn a life size doll to burn all the old bad stuff so u can start the new year afresh and lots og hugging and kissing. the only sad thing is that they cant really control thair intake so they end up really drunk and if it wasent for the women things would definetlly go pearshaped but overall i had a supertime with them!and yeasterday after we got back to tena had a long shower & dinner i was craving a bit of sugar ( no chocklate in the djungel) i went to buy some in the small kiosk but when i got there the owners was having a party of five people and they thought it a good ide that i join them so they "forced" me to drink a lot of beer and a lot of dancing it was really funny as one of the girls took a fancy for me and started dancing quite close with me very funny since they was not of the smallest size but i had a good time dancing and today my canadien friends have just left and i´m waiting for my laundry it´s 30 degrees and sunny and i think i´ll stay here for another two days then i´m planning to go on a crazy train ride that i read about switchbacks down the mountain on the roof cool! we will see when photos will show up but hopefully soon untill then have fun!!
tranquille seb