Tuesday, December 27, 2005

wicked busstrip

alright have been in tena for a day and i must say it´s real nice ! the busstrip here though was exellent up the mountain and down the mountain with big drops on the side and messy dirtroads. it´s a cool way to go around here. took 5 hours of nice views. i meet up the my canadien friends and we have now booked our trip into the jungel for 5 days a 30 dollars a day, so sweet! we´ll spend new years in the jungel just like i wanted so everything is cool!the hotel i´ll staying in is pretty nice the family who runs it has lots of kids running around and makes a lot of noise but they are having fun so no prob! the weater is rainy but warm so no problem there either anyway i´m going to prepare my new year so ya´ll have fun over new year and write to u after!!!
tranquille seb

Sunday, December 25, 2005


hope u had a nice x-mas for me it was quite relaxed with a bit of nasty stomach but i'm happy to say it's getting better by the hour so it's cool.yeasterday i meet a group of canadians it's funny in tobago i only meet germans and here so far only canadiens but thats allright they are nice so why not like i said before i cant wait till tomorrow when i leave but the canadiens told me that when they took the buss some one tried to or did in fact cut their bags but they got cought redhanded with their wallets in hand so i guess i'll have to look out ! otherwise today i've been around oldtown listining to x-mas carrols and having a look around on people and thats always nice ! any way we will see when next i get a computer at hand so untill then u have a happy new year hopefully i'll be in the amazonas for that we will see untill then u know what to do !

Friday, December 23, 2005

found wifi

hi today is day before x-mas and things are cool i dont have so much to write yet since it's only 10 here but here's another photo.i'm leaving for the amazonas on mon if i did'nt write that before see ya and yes merry x-mas!
tranquille seb

Thursday, December 22, 2005

loving it

i have just been here for two days and the weather is not the greatest but it does not matter its to nice here yeasterday i was in the old town going to a lot of churches and they know how to make a nice church here i went up in the towers of one and it was pretty cool real good wiew from there and the colored windows are just a thing of beuty i be here in quito over the weekend but then im going to a town called tena for the amozon now that will be so cool im really excited about that. i did meet a canadien couple who im going to meet up with so its cool i get to practice my french! so hows x-mas coming along for everyone and hows the snow in cham and the weater in swe? we will see when i will find a internet place with wifi untill then im sorry but no photos! my scars from the bike is healing well but im afraid its soon time for me to lose my hair im just waiting for the bald spot to grow out a bit more any way have fun and till next time
tranquille seb

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

what a mess getting to quito

it took a while but now i'm here and first impression after about 2 hours is really good if i compare to caracas. my hotel is a nice little place in betwen the 2 centers so its cool and real nice atmosphere but then again i havent sleep there yet! like i said getting here was not the easiest first my flight got canceld from caracas on the sun so i would go on mon instead so far so good leave caracas and get to bogota to change flights got 2 hours delayed but after a while we head of to quito and its a very bumpy ride but i was to tired to be nearvous!anyway we start our decent and our pilot aborts and tells us its bad weather so we go for a second run wich also fails so we head back to bogota and land there at 2 in the morning get driven to a hotel get there at 3 and then they tell us that we have to meet them at 5 to get to the airport so 2 hours of sleep and only airplane food so im not in my best mood but ok lets go of we fly towards quito but upon arrival the weather turns bad so we get flown to another town can't spell the name and we sit there for about 1 till 2 hours and then we fly and actually lands in quito and then we hear the guys talking about that it's quite hard to land in quito and our pilot had chickend out last night but i guess i rather have him go chicken than take a chance but anyway now i'm here so its good and had a big veggie meal good stuff it only costed 1 us 60 cents sweet so now i'm gonna go and eat some more loving it talk to ya soon
tranquille seb

Saturday, December 17, 2005

annoying internet cafes

i just wrote a long notice just before now but here u pay beforehand and i didint have time to post my writing before it cut me out so now i have to rewrite it so here we go!
i woke up yeasterday and went to reconfirm my flight on sun only to find out that i had been canceld and they could not find any refrence on me needless to say i am not to pleased and u can also say OTUR! any way i had to run back and forth to try and fix a new ticket wich wasent to hard but a lot of aggrevation wich is not good but now i will hopefully leave just one day later but if i have real bad luck i have to pay 300us but let´s hope not since i havent done anything wrong. we will know on mon.
next problem was that i had counted my money to last untill sun so now i have one and a half day more and of course creditcards from swe dont work in the atm´s here so u have to go to the bank and here in vz going to the bank on fri afternoon takes time so a lot of standing in line and waiting and they have a very interesting queing system here! after i got my money i wanted to chill out a bit so i thougt to myself i´ll have a beer in the bar, where i meet a couple of local guys and after a couple of beers and a lot of talking they tell me i´m gonna get very drunk tonite and of course they where right drunk i got but it was very good drunk and lots of laughter but to be quite honest i only understod one of the dudes he is a teatcher in litterature at the university and so he invited me to come and play football with him tomorrow wich is today and i will go and play football very soon i think maybe not play to much since i feel a bit delicate today and i think running might upset my belly today but we will see any way it´s time for me to go so hasta luego!
tranquille seb

Monday, December 12, 2005

good food

hi folks what can i say i like caracas in the day time it´s cool to walk around and look at people and the food is good but nighttime is less so,so i have changed my ticket to quito till sun 18th so thats in a week untill then i will eat good food and enjoy caracas daytime and chill out nighttime. its pretty crazy thoug yeasterday i saw a guy trying to shoot someone across the street wild !! but the real crazy stuff was that no one really reacted except the cops and they reacted real fast the dude got surrounded in like 10 sec or less by cops with bigger guns crazy!! so thats why i chill out in the night time still havent found a netcafe with wireless so photos are on hold.

tranquille seb

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Caracas VZ

caracas its a dirty town i have only been here for one day i been walking a lot and must say one sec i´m smiling and the next feeling a bit lonely but it´s nice to see so many people and feel the buzz, problem tough is i can´t understand anything so i have interesting 2 months ahead of me and of course i lost my little book of phrases so we´r in it deep.i´m trying to get to equador early but it seems it can be hard as there is no flights so i have to wait till monday before i can have a look again so untill then i will keep on walking and looking at prety girls that i can´t talk to ha!ha!the hotel is simple and not to expensive 19 us dollars it was hard to get a hotel,i stayed at the airport for one hour of phoning before i got a room so we´ll see how long i have to stay if i cant change the flight i´m running for the mountains i think, we will know soon i guess untill next time stay relaxed and peace out!oh and i almost forgot i paid my first police bribe today about 20000 pesos so that was kinda funny they(the police)were very polite about it but also very secretive so a new experience!!!
tranquille seb

publicity about Tobago

sorry for no photo havent found a wireless cafe in VZ so like before photos will be come later.what can i say if ur ever heading this way skip trinidad(unless u know someone who knows the place)and head directly to tobago and bucco point and no need for expensive hotels when u can stay at ces´s place called millers guest house it´s an unpolished dimond and the people u meet there are really nice guys.and the island is beutifull green and lush but a bit to many mosqitos so buy good repelent and the water is nice and warm whenever u choose to take a swim.and do take a jungeltrip with a dude called fitzroy ask for a hard hike it´s not hard just fun. another good way to see the island is to bike just remember to use a helmet and if u going late bring lights,if u want to rent a bike talk with mike! and now this publicity has to end!!all and all just go there and tranquille will come by it´s self!
millers:+1-868-660-8371 themillers@hotmail.com

tranquille seb

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


what can i say the last 2 days have not been very active but real nice and chilled out weather have been mixed with rain and sun and not to warm just perfect for relaxing, any way my battlescars are healing really good so there is no stress althoug it might be a bit painful tomorrow when i have to put on the backpack to go to trinidad (start 5 in the morning)so we'll see where i'll next find a cafe with wireless internet without it u will have to wait for photos so i'll give u the last sundown photo of tobago and hope i'll get up tomorrow morning! so kids be safe and relaxed!
tranquille seb!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

seemed to missed my flight!

busy day again what have i been doing lately first 3 day ago i went with my friends on a very interesting walk to no mans land u had to walk in waist deep water for quite a while maybe 45 min (it was high tide) i got eaten by millions on midges so my back looked like i had a crazy diseas but it was real fun big waves hitting u, good laugh.and 2 days ago i woke up anguised as i couldent really make up my mind if i wanted to go to port of spain i couldent find any cheap hostels and i really like where i am so in the end i missed the plane and saw it leaving with a beer in hand!!!!now i have to take a boat on wen and flight to venezuela on fri early rise on wen like 5 in the morning!!! yeasterday i had a interesting day with loads new experiences started of real easy chilling and saying goodbuy to claus then going for a killer bike ride me and mike (dude from jungle photo next to me) went to a super cool waterfall as u can see all is well so far, then on the way home it got very dark so u couldent see much and the roads around here are not the best to be travelled fast in complet dark !!! so of coarse i had to have a big tumble in high speed(u learn or get reminded about something every day dont ride witout helmet ) i was really very lucky ! but now i have been in a tobago ambulance and hospital quite different from europe but in ways much more interesting and funny experience! today i have been licking my wounds i dont move very much but i will soon go and eat my last sharkburger at sunday school . we'll see next time what i will write
tranquille seb

ps: i tried to eat turtle for the first time it was good!

uops aoch!

as one word i probobly would say now is OTUR("bad luck" for u who dont understand swe)!! it's ok but i feel a bit brusied and colorfull ( 6 stitches in the head & they shaved a big patch of hair ) in some places but i'm still having a good smile as u can see!!now i dont have to buy souviniers from T&T as i got them on me so i try to safe and in tobago for another couple of days!!
tranquille seb