Tuesday, November 29, 2005

pirates bay

alright no to much words this is me and Hannes in pirates bay needless to say i'm happy real pirates like me (maybe naughtier ones than me but hey!) used to bee here!!!!!!!!


this was a really cool day we went in to some rainforest here in tobago and it was supercool cause our guide took us off trail so it was a little rough but real cool and fun we walked for about 2 hours then we got to this waterfall and had a swim (this waterfall was a bit better than the one before) then walking back was good fun its just like cruising though a green wall.lots of birds to been seen aswell. the whole trek took about 3 and a half hours and finished off with the guides wife cooking lunch for us again it was real sweet cajun cooking i really like the food here !

car trip

this day we went on a roadtrip with a austrian i meet on the bbq . nice time in a jeep got to this beach called castara supernice and a few biggish waves to play around in the photo is from a really nice viewpoint but hmm u cant really tell on the photo anyway it was a cool day !!


right what can i say this day we had a nice day at the beach to be finished of with a good bbq at a place called no mans land it was real nice had so much fish i was almost sick but i could not stop eating it was that good other than that i cant remember much but i do recall an interesting ride home on some boats in the middle of the night and waking up with a heavy head!

bike trip to water fall

hi been busy so i havent had time to write much so here we go with a couple of days in a row. this bike ride we went looking for some water falls but as u can see they wern't that impresive but hey its nice weather. the other dude is called claus and is one of the germans i been hanging out with ! its a lot of germans around here . anyway during our efforts to find this waterfall we must have bike through half of tobago cause we did take the wrong road the whole time so u can imagin going steady uphill in 30 to 35 degrees gets quite tireing and u sweat like a ............. !but it was fun seeing tobago on bike and u meet a lot of cool people . we also had lunch on a very interesting rest. real nice cajun style cooking!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


hi again now i found i place were i can use my laptop wich means photos should be comming up (have a look on the old post for old photos) i'm having a nice time ! only real hassel is the heat keep waking up several times a nite but i guess it could be worse.did get to work a little bit yeasterday did enjoy that quite a bit . it can get quite frustating not working it has been nearly 2 1/2 months since. tommorrow i will be going for a another long bikeride going to see some waterfalls so that should be cool ! right im preety tired so im not going to bother more with this today but we'll see with the waterfalls later have fun and stay chilled .
ps:another really bad thing around here are the F......g mosqitos the are having a ball with me !!
tranquille seb

Monday, November 21, 2005


hi friends u cant belive how hot it is im sweating day and nite it's almost a bit to much waking upp drenched but hopefully i will adjust in a couple of days ! last nite it was a big party where i stay in the harbor with lots of lokal foods and strong rumpunch ! to strong for me so i'll stay with beer, its interesting that here drinking beer is very easy . im sorry that im still lacking a good place where i can upload my photos but soon i hope it will show up, untill then know that its sunny and fine beaches ! i was for a long bike ride today about 25 km in 30 degres xtremly sweaty drinking water like a madman but we got to this nice fort with a pretty nice view u will see later a guess. no now u people have a nice time in the cold because me i'm going to the beach for a swim and play some in the waves!!!
remember to tranquille

Saturday, November 19, 2005

tobago sun and rain

hi friends tobago is quite nice im staying in a small guesthouse in this fishing village that means almost no tourists so its quite interesting being a minority . anyway when i walk in the first night i walked in to a bbq so i was given nice tuna and salads couldent really complain after a long flight and airplane food the only problem was that i could hardly stay awake so i was very rude and ate food and went to bed without to much conversation and woke up to a very sunny day wich i spent on the beach and what a beach it was no people nice waves and good temp in the water . since i was so lame the day before i couldent really say no when all the people from the bbq said we should go to an openair bar called the shade very nice and very nice beer and rum so i woke up with a bad head today and its been raining a lot but its cool because its still like 24 c and i guess your not having that in cold europe anyway im getting hungry now so i write u later and photos will have to wait because there is no mailcafes this is writen from a resturant and i dont wanna push my luck , so i can use it again but tomorrow im heading in to town so well see later maybe! untill then tranquille

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

about to start

one more day to go before i will start and its not a day to soon swe is getting colder by the day and darkness is just around the corner but i must admit that this autom in swe has been exellent hanging out with good friends and a lot of sun but now im tired of sorting stuff out and want to get on the road so next time i write i will probably be in a tobago with lots of thunderstorms the forecast is not the best if u want sun but for me thunderstorms on a island dosent sound to bad since its warm about 27 celcius a lot of humidity so hey it will be cool!!

ps:don't worry about the spelling cause i'm not.

photos will come once there is something fun to show

tranquille seb